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The Delco Youth Hub Presents the "Protect Your People" Podcast Episode 1

Editor's Note: The Delco Youth Hub in Delaware County, PA launched their "Protect Your People" Podcast. The Delco Youth Participatory Defense Hub is focused on supporting young people facing criminal charges as well as incorporating creative expression as an outlet for those a part of the hub. Here is the first episode of their new podcast available both on youtube and streaming platforms.


About the "Protect Your People" Podcast Presented by the Delco Youth Hub:

The "Protect Your People" is a podcast produced by the Delco Youth Hub based in Delaware County, PA. The podcast is designed to empower individuals navigating the criminal legal system. Through a blend of community agreements, systems education, and movement updates, each episode equips listeners with valuable insights and support to advocate for themselves and their communities. Join us in the fight for the liberation of our people. This is episode 1!

Available on YouTube here:

Available on all streaming platforms here:

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