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When a family first enters a participatory defense meeting, the refrain we say to them is that though the system intends to give your loved one “time served” – time incarcerated and away, you can turn “time served” into “time saved.” Through Participatory Defense, you can bring your loved one home.

The Time Saved Series shares the incredible stories of families and communities who when faced with the possible incarceration of a loved one -- stepped up, challenged the prosecutor, judge, and the court system -- and saved them from being caged. Through their persistence, strength, and courage they get charges dropped, stop prison sentences and deportations -- and keep their community together. The series is produced by Silicon Valley De-Bug and the National Participatory Defense Network. From TIME SERVED to TIME SAVED - these are their stories. 

Every year, the National Participatory Defense Network gathers our 'time saved' numbers. Sometimes these journeys take a few months, and sometimes it's years.  But they mean loved ones home and in school, work, or community, families reunited, and communities on the road to becoming whole. 

This video highlights some of the 2018 stories from the National Participatory Defense Network.


Together, we have saved 6,500 years of incarceration.

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