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The Albert Cobarrubias Justice Project(ACJP), a media and advocacy project, produces social biography videos and gives trainings to public defender offices on how to create social biography videos (also called mitigation videos) to humanize clients for purposes of impacting sentencing, plea-negotiations, and more. The organization has produced a range of social biography videos that were used to successfully reduce sentences and charges. The videos can be made quickly, inexpensively, and are an effective tool for defense attorneys advocating for their clients. It is, in short, the evolution of mitigation work. See below to read testimonials from attorneys and judges on trainings, use of our videos, as well as media coverage and awards ACJP has received for social biography videos. 


The ACJP offers various trainings and technical assistance to public defender offices and criminal defense firms who want to learn how to produce these cost-effective videos in house.  The ACJP has years of experience training public defender offices, advocacy organizations, and non-profit organizations on story-telling and video production. Through our interactive training, an office with no prior experience will be able to produce social biography videos  to integrate this tool into their mitigation work. Participants typically include attorneys, investigators, paralegals, and social workers. Trainings options range from half-day to full days based on the needs and size of the office. See photos from trainings in New YorkAlabama, Texas, Missouri, and North Carolina.
This hands-on interactive training covers:
• Anatomy of a Social Biography Video — Case and Video Examples
• Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production Process
• Effective Strategies for Telling Client’s Story Through Video
• Social Biography Video Starter Toolkit – Tips on Equipment, Software, and Project Management
• Make a Video in a Day — Based on sample cases, Participants will Produce a Video From Start to Finish (narrative development, shooting, editing)

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