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25,869 Years of Time Saved Through Participatory Defense

We are excited to announce that our National Participatory Defense movement family is up to 25,869 years of TIME SAVED & counting! Communities across the country continue to step up and challenge prosecutors, judges, the entire court system - and save themselves and their loved ones from incarceration. Through persistence, strength, and courage we get CHARGES DROPPED, STOP prison sentences and deportations & keep our communities together. In this video, we highlight some of our hubs across the movement and the work they did during 2022. We appreciate everyone’s love and hard work that allows us to continue turning TIME SERVED into TIME SAVED! #ParticipatoryDefense #TimeSaved

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25 de mar.

How do you get help? My fiancee is currently encarcerated, he has mental health issues and has been in custody for over 3 years and has not even had his preliminary hearing yet. It keeps getting post ponned because the supposed victim refuses to appear.

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