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Alameda County DA Accountability Table First 100 Days Demands

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

The Oakland Participatory Defense hub coalition made of Urban Peace Movement, Young Women's Freedom Center, CURYJ, and All of Us or None joined the Alameda County DA Accountability Table in releasing a 7 point agenda demand of the newly elected DA Pamela Price. The advocates’ 100-day agenda includes many points also reflected in DA Price’s 10-point platform on which she campaigned, including urging Price’s Office to:

  • End youth criminalization and transfers to the adult court system.

  • Decline to charge low-level misdemeanors and felonies

  • Increase and prioritize the use of diversion programs.

  • End the use of sentencing enhancements.

  • Commit to review all requests for resentencing.

  • Take immigration consequences into consideration in reviewing cases.

  • Hold police officers accountable for illegal conduct.

The coalition also urges the DA’s office to increase transparency by enhancing data collection and sharing their policies, practices, and outcomes with the public.

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